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Biblioteka nuolat atnaujina savo leidinių kolekciją. Naujai gautus leidinius taip pat galima rasti bibliotekos el. kataloge pasirinkus Nauji leidiniai.


2020 Gruodis

Athanasopoulos, H. K.
EU Migration management and the social purpose of European integration.



Persily, N., & Tucker, J.
Social media and democracy: the state of the field, prospects for reform.



Heinze, A., Fletcher, G., Rashid, T., & Cruz, A. (Eds.)
Digital and social media marketing: a results-driven approach. 



Baldwin, R., & Wyplosz, Ch.
The Economics of European Integration



PRESSMAN, Roger S. & Bruce R., MAXIM

Software engineering: a practitioner’s approach.


The physics of graphene.




Bendle, N. T., Farris, P. W., Pfeifer, P. E., & Reibstein, D. J.
Marketing metrics: the manager’s guide to measuring marketing performance


Tenbrink, T.
Cognitive discourse analysis: an introduction


Johnson, M. A., & Ghuman, P.
Blindsight: the (mostly) hidden ways marketing reshapes our brains. Dallas: BenBella Books.


Gronwald, K.D.
Integrated business information systems a holistic view of the linked business process chain ERP-SCM-CRM-BI-Big Data (2nd ed.).



Davidson, W.
Financial statement analysis: basis for management advice.



Eikelmann, N.
Value based performance measures: theoretical evaluation and empirical analysis of their application and value relevance on a European level.

KELLEHER, John D., Brian MAC NAMEE & Aoife D’ARCY.
Fundamentals of machine learning for predictive data analytics: algorithms, worked examples, and case studies.


Beaumont, P. H.
Digital finance: big data, start-ups, and the future of financial services.


CASHMAN, Pat M. and Martin PREENE
Groundwater lowering in construction: a practical guide to dewatering.


Liao, S. M.
Ethics of artificial intelligence.

SINHA, Jyoti K.
Industrial approaches in vibration-based condition monitoring.


Beaumont, P. H.
Digital finance: big data, start-ups, and the future of financial services.


The practice of engineering dynamics.


PERRY, Michael L.
The art of immutable architecture : theory and practice of data management in distributed systems.



2020 Lapkritis

GOUNDAR, Sam, S. Bharath BHUSHAN and Praveen Kumar RAYANI.
Architecture and security issues in fog computing applications.


THAKUR, Kutub and Al-Sakib Khan PATHAN.
Cybersecurity fundamentals: a real-world perspective.


Wade, M. R., Macaulay, J., Noronha, A. and Barbier, J

Orchestrating transformation: how to deliver winning performance with a connected approach to change.


Besznyák, R., Fischer, M., and Szabó, C.

Fit-for-market translator and interpreter training in a digital age.



CHAUBEY, Nirbhay Kumar and Bhavesh B. PRAJAPATI.
Quantum cryptography and the future of cyber security


CHANG, Hsia-Ching and Suliman HAWAMDEH, eds.
Cybersecurity for information professionals: concepts and applications.


Chernev, A
Strategic marketing management: the framework


Schmohl, S., Schenk, B.-M., Bleiner, S., Wirtz, M. and Glaser, J.

Akademie Deutsch B1+: Intensivlehrwerk mit Audios online. Band 3.


ÖZGÖREN, M. Kemal.
Kinematics of general spatial mechanical systems.


ALLEN, Joseph G. and John D. MACOMBER

Healthy buildings: how indoor spaces drive performance and productivity.


Semantic modeling for data: avoiding pitfalls and breaking dilemmas.


Cryptography arithmetic: algorithms and hardware architectures.


CIESLA, Robert.

Encryption for organizations and individuals: basics of contemporary and quantum cryptography.

Nutritional composition and antioxidant properties of fruits and vegetables.


Kumar, K. Nirmal Ravi.


Apaza, Carmen R. & Chang, Yongjin. (Eds.)
What makes effective whistleblowing : global comparative studies from the public and private sector.


Howley, A., Faiella, C. M., Kroeger, S. D. and Hansen, B. (Eds.).
Inclusive education: a systematic perspective.




AI With Python: The beginners guide.


BRAY, Shannon W.
Implementing cryptography using Python.


WEBSTER, John G. and Amit J. NIMUNKAR, ed.
Medical instrumentation: application and design.


SLINKO, Arkadii.

Algebra for applications: cryptography, secret sharing, error-correcting, fingerprinting, compression.


Artificial intelligence ethics and international law: an introduction.


BOYD, Colin, Anish MATHURIA and Douglas STEBILA
Protocols for authentication and key establishment


Computer security and the internet: tools and jewels.



Cryptography arithmetic: algorithms and hardware architectures.



HE, Bin
Neural Engineering


Gorzelak, G.
Social and economic development in Central and Eastern Europe : stability and change after 1990.

Chemistry and biochemistry of food.

VARDOULI, Theodora and Olga TOULOUMI, eds.
Computer architectures: constructing the common ground

DILORENZO, Daniel J. and Joseph D. BRONZINO, eds.

GORJIAN, Shiva and Ashish SHUKLA, eds.

Photovoltaic solar energy conversion: technologies applications and environmental impacts.

Cooper, Donald R.
Business research: a guide to planning, conducting, and reporting your study.

WEBB, Colin and Maria R. KOSSEVA, eds.
Food industry wastes: assessment and recuperation of commodities.

Chaffey, D. & Ellis-Chadwick, F.
Digital marketing: strategy, implementation, and practice

Pjero, E., Vrontis, D. & Thrassou, A.
Measuring marketing and brand communications performance: a developing European country perspective.


2020 Spalis

Human thermal comfort

YOUSSEF, Helmi and Hassan EL-HOFY
Non-traditional and advanced machining technologies: machine tools and operations

BANERJEE, Sreeparna
Elements of multimedia

EGBUNA, Chukwuebuka, Genevieve DABLE TUPAS, eds.
Functional foods and nutraceuticals: bioactive components, formulations and innovation

GUPTA, Kapil & Munish Kumar GUPTA, eds.
Optimization of manufacturing processes

YOUSSEF, Helmi and Hassan EL-HOFY
Traditional machining technology

Radin, A. J. 
The change maker’s playbook: how to seek, seed and scale innovation in any company

Clark, D.
Artificial intelligence for learning how to use AI to support employee development

Di DOMENICO, Giuseppe
Electro-optic photonic circuits: from linear and nonlinear waves in nanodisordered photorefractive ferroelectrics

TIDWELL, Jenifer, Charles BREWER, Aynne VALENCIA
Designing interfaces patterns for effective interaction design

Veneti, A., Jackson, D., & Lilleker, D.G.
Visual political communication

Graycar, A.
Handbook on corruption, ethics and integrity in public administration

LUO, Maohui
Dynamics and mechanism of human thermal adaptation in building environment

Di DOMENICO, Giuseppe
Electro-optic photonic circuits: from linear and nonlinear waves in nanodisordered photorefractive ferroelectrics

CAVAGNA, Giovani
Fundamentals of human physiology


2020 Rugsėjis

HABIB, Nazia
Hands-On Q-Learning with Python: Practical Q-learning with OpenAI Gym, Keras, and TensorFlow

LONZA, Andrea
Reinforcement learning algorithms with Python: learn, understand, and develop smart algorithms for addressing AI challenges

Induction machines handbook: transients, control principles, design and testing

MITOLO, Massimo
Analysis of grounding and bonding systems

Osann, I., Mayer, L. and Wiele, I.
Design thinking quick start guide: a 6-step process for generating and implementing creative solutions

Brown, T.
HBR’s 10 must reads on design thinking

SHARMA, Atul, Amritanshu SHUKLA & Renu SINGH, eds.
Low carbon energy supply technologies and systems

BAILERA, Manuel, et al.
Energy storage: hybridization of power-to-gas technology and carbon capture

Smart grids: fundamentals and technologies in electricity networks

HONG, Wei-Chiang
Hybrid intelligent technologies in energy demand forecasting

MOURA, Ailson P. de, Adriano Aron F. de Moura & Ednardo P. da ROCHA
Transmission of electrical energy: overhead lines

ZARE, Oskouei & Behnam MOHAMMADI-Ivatloo
Integration of Renewable Energy Sources Into the Power Grid Through PowerFactor

YAMAGATA, Yoshiki & Perry P. J. YANG, eds.
Urban systems design: creating sustainable smart cities in the internet of things era

Production planning with SAP S/4HANA

Bioactive compounds: health benefits and potential applications


2020 Rugpjūtis

Kirschner, P. A., Hendrick, C. & Caviglioli, O.
How learning happens: seminal works in educational psychology and what they mean in practice

SUBASI, Abdulhamit
Practical guide for biomedical signals analysis using machine learning techniques

GODOI, Fernanda C.
Fundamentals of 3D food printing and applications

Handbook of planning support science

Caramani Daniele
Comparative politics

MYERS, William & Paola ANTONELLI
Bio design: nature, science, creativity

TANG, Jeff
Intelligent mobile projects with TensorFlow: build 10+ artificial intelligence apps using TensorFlow mobile and lite for iOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi.

IMURA, Takehiro
Wireless power transfer: using magnetic and electric resonance coupling techniques

KUHAR, Urban, Gregor KOSEC & Aleš ŠVIGELJ
Observability of Power-Distribution Systems: state-estimation techniques and approaches

Lewrick, M., Link, P. & Leifer, L.
Design thinking toolbox: a guide to mastering the most popular and valuable innovation methods


2020 Liepa

THAKUR, Rajiv R.
Urban and regional planning and development: 20th century forms and 21st century transformations

BARNS, Sarah
Platform urbanism: negotiating platform ecosystems in connected cities

PUMAIN, Denise
Theories and models of urbanization: geography, economics and computing sciences.

PHILIPS, Rhonda, Eric TREVAN and Patsy KRAEGER, eds.
Research handbook on community development.

EWING, Reid H. and Keunhyun PARK, eds.
Advanced quantitative research methods for urban planners.

NAYAK, Amit Kumar, Md Saquib HASNAIN, Dilipkumar PAL, eds.
Natural polymers for pharmaceutical application.

NAYAK, Amit Kumar, Md Saquib HASNAIN, Dilipkumar PAL, eds.
Natural polymers for pharmaceutical application.

NAYAK, Amit Kumar, Md Saquib HASNAIN, Dilipkumar PAL, eds.
Natural polymers for pharmaceutical application.

Wergin, Jon F.
Deep learning in a disorienting world.

KIM, Hyun Jung, ed.
Biomimetic Microengineering.

Sortino, David P. 
Brain changers: major advances in children’s learning and intelligence.

Beever, Jonathan, McDaniel, Rudy, & Stanlick, Nancy A.
Understanding digital ethics: cases and contexts.

EYERS, Daniel, ed.
Managing 3D printing: operations management for additive manufacturing.

LAMI, Isabella M., ed.
Abandoned buildings in contemporary cities: smart conditions for actions.

BAKER, Chris, Terry JOHNSON, Dominic FLYNN, Hassan HEMIDA, Andrew QUINN, David SOPER and Mark STERLING.
Train aerodynamics: fundamentals and applications.


2020 Birželis

THAKUR, Rajiv R.
Urban and regional planning and development: 20th century forms and 21st century transformations

SHARMA, Swati and Ashok KUMAR
Lignin: biosynthesis and transformation for industrial applications

GORSE, Christopher, David JOHNSTON and Martin PRITCHARD
Dictionary of construction, surveying, and civil engineering

KANIUSAS, Eugenijus
Biomedical signals and sensors III: linking electric biosignals and Biomedical sensors

RICH, Nick and Mohamed Afy SHARARAH
Systems for manufacturing excellence: generating efficient and reliable manufacturing

OUYANG, Guangyao, Shijie AN, Zhenming LIU and Yuxue LI
Common rail fuel injection technology in diesel engines

WU, Aiguo 
TiO2 nanoparticles: applications in nanobiotechnology, theranostics and nanomedicine

ZHAO, Xudong and Xiaoli MA, ed.
Advanced energy efficiency technologies for solar heating, cooling and power generation

Gardiner, S. M., & Thompson, A. (Eds.)
The Oxford handbook of environmental ethics

Optimization models for rail car fleet management


2020 Gegužė

ASKADSKII, Andrey, et al.
Structure and properties of wood-polymer composites

AHMAD, Mardiana Idayu, Hasila JARIMI and Saffa RIFFAT
Nocturnal cooling technology for building applications

YOUSUF, Abu, Domenico PIROZZI and Filomena SANNINO, eds.
Lignocellulosic biomass to liquid biofuels

Advanced bioprocessing for alternative fuels, biobased chemicals, and bioproducts: technologies and approaches for scale-up and commercialization

AZENHA, Miguel Ângelo Dias and Eduardo M R FAIRBAIRN, eds.
Thermal cracking of massive concrete structures: state of the art report of the RILEM technical commitee 254-CMS

SANTOS Fernando, ed., et al.
Sugarcane biorefinery, technology and perspectives

SZUBEL, Mateusz and Mariusz FILIPOWICZ
Biomass in small-scale energy applications: theory and practice

Cabigiosu, A.
Innovation in knowledge intensive business services: the digital era

Tsionas, M. (ed.)
Panel data econometrics: theory

The cloud in IoT-enabled spaces

Software engineering in the era of cloud computing

Webster D. W., Cokins G.
Value-based management in government

Cybersecurity and decision makers: data security and digital trust

TYAGI, R. D., ed., et al.
Biodiesel production: technologies, challenges, and future prospects

Ordóñez de Pablos, P. and Edvinsson L., (Eds.)
Intellectual capital in the digital economy

Skene, K.R.
Artificial intelligence and the environmental crisis: can technology really save the world?

BEDI, Ashwani and Ramsey DABBY
Structure for architects: a case study in steel, wood and reinforced concrete design

Zilber, T.B., Amis, J. and Mair, J. (Eds.)
The production of managerial knowledge and organizational theory: new approaches to writing, producing and consuming theory

Robinson, T.R., Henry, E. and Broihahn, M.A., (Eds.)
International financial statement analysis (4th ed.)

KUMAR, Ranjit
Research methodology: a step-by-step guide for beginners

MUTHU, Subramanian Senthilkannan, ed.
Consumer behaviour and sustainable fashion consumption

MUTHU, Subramanian Senthilkannan, ed.
Environmental footprints of recycled polyester

MUTHU, Subramanian Senthilkannan, ed.
Detox fashion

YIN, Shi
Application of liquid biofuels to internal combustion engines

Menicucci, Elisa
Earnings quality: definitions, measures, and financial reporting

GIANPAOLO, Vignali, Louise F. REID and Claudia E. HENNINGER, eds.
Technology-driven sustainability : innovation in the fashion supply chain

LEE, Jay
Industrial aI : applications with sustainable performance

Principles of distributed database systems

Szelągowski, M.
Dynamic business process management in the knowledge economy: creating value from intellectual capital

GEDDE, Ulf W. and Mikael S. HEDENQVIST
Fundamental polymer science


2020 Balandis

Dhruv Grewal
Retail Marketing Management: The 5 Es of Retailing

Dragomir N. Nenchev, Atsushi Konno, Teppei Tsujita
Humanoid Robots: Modeling and Control

Francis Buttle, Stan Maklan
Customer Relationship Management: Concepts and Technologies

Ilie Talpasanu, Alexandru Talpasanu
Mechanics of Mechanisms and Machines

Arun Kumar Sangaiah, Zhiyong Zhang, Michael Sheng
Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Big Data on the Cloud with Engineering Applications

Yanja Dajsuren
Automotive Systems Software Engineering

C. J. Date
Database Design and Relational Theory: Normal Forms and All That Jazz

Mikuláš Hajduk, Marek Sukop, Matthias Haun
Cognitive Multi-agent Systems: Structures, Strategies and Applications to Mobile Robotics and Robosoccer

Deepak Gupta, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Ashish Khanna
Advanced Computational Intelligence Techniques for Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Joe Tidd, John Bessant
Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Change

Michael Alexander, Richard Kusleika
Access 2019 Bible

Qizhi Chen, George Thouas
Biomaterials: A Basic Introduction

Karel Jan Alsem
Applied Strategic Marketing: A Step by Step Approach

Thomas Johnson
Introduction to Health Physics

Catherine Westbrook, John Talbot
MRI in Practice

Katie King
Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to Harness AI and Maintain the Competitive Edge

Atiq Zaman, Tahmina Ahsan
Zero-Waste: Reconsidering Waste Management for the Future

Nasser Tleis
Power Systems Modelling and Fault Analysis: Theory and Practice

Jonathan Tennant
The evolution of open science

Gilbert Held
Inter- and Intra-Vehicle Communications 1st Edition

Magdi S. Mahmoud
Advanced Control Design with Application to Electromechanical Systems

Leo Marco, Giovanni Maria Farinella
Computer Vision for Assistive Healthcare

Angel R Otero
Information Technology Control & Audit

Norbert Schmitt, Michael P.H. Rodgers
An Introduction to Applied Linguistics

Kuang-Hua Chang
Mechanism Design & Analysis PTC Creo Mec


2020 Kovas

Isabel B. Franco, Tathagata Chatterji, Ellen Derbyshire, James Tracey
Actioning the Global Goals for Local Impact: Towards Sustainability Science, Policy, Education and Practice

Alessandro Gasparetto, Marco Ceccarelli
Mechanism Design for Robotics: Proceedings of the 4th IFToMM Symposium on Mechanism Design for Robotics

Yvonne McNulty, Chris Brewster
Working Internationally: Expatriation, Migration and Other Global Work

Computer Vision

Mark Wickham
Practical Android: 14 Complete Projects on Advanced Techniques and Approaches

CANTARELLA, Giulio, et al.
Dynamics and stochasticity in transportation systems: tools for transportation network modeling

VERMA, Deepak Kumar, ed., et al.
Microbiology for food and health: technological developments and advances

GUPTA, Brij, Dharma P. ARRAWAL and Haoxiang WANG, eds.
Computer and cyber security: principles, algorithm, applications, and perspectives

MCCLEMENTS, David Julian 
Future foods: how modern science is transforming the way we eat

Michailova, S., & Ott, D.
Talent management in small advanced economies

Höckner, B.
Film, music, memory

Clare ,C., Cruz, M., Papadopoulou, E., Savage, J., Teperek, M., Wang, Y., … Yeomans, J. 
Engaging researchers with data management: the cookbook

Öhman, J., Poeck, K. Van & Östman, L., (Eds.)
Sustainable development teaching: ethical and political challenges

MONIOS, Jason and Rickard BERGQVIST
Intermodal freight transport and logistic

WEST, D. R. F.
Ternary phase diagrams in materials science

IWNICKI, Simon, ed., et al.
Handbook of railway vehicle dynamics

RUSSELL, Stuart J., and Peter NORVIG
Artificial intelligence: a modern approach

John McManus 
Service Operations Management

Steve V. Hatch
Computerized Engine Controls

Anton Fried, J.J. Roberts, Alan Tovey
Concrete Masonry Designer’s Handbook


2020 Vasaris

Sanders, N. R., & Wood, J. D.
The humachine: humankind, machines, and the future of enterprise

HAMID, Reza Karimi, ed.
Offshore mechatronics systems engineering

SHIH, Randy H.
Autodesk inventor 2020 and engineering graphics

Engineering graphics essentials with AutoCAD 2020 instruction

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020: complete reference guide

ITO, Jōichi
Whiplash: how to survive our faster future

Berkley, R. A., & Kaplan, D.M.
Strategic training and development

Computer visualization: graphics techniques for engineering and scientific analysis

Hom, P. W., Allen, D. G., & Griffeth, R. W.
Employee retention and turnover: why employees stay or leave

Panagiotakopoulos, A.
Effective workforce development: a concise guide for HR and line managers

BREITINGER, Frank and Ibrahim BAGGILI, eds.
Digital forensics and cyber crime: 10th International EAI Conference, ICDF2C 2018

Barnard, J. 
The multimodal writer: creative writing across genres and media

Bader, R.
Computational phonogram archiving

Exam Reference AZ-900 Microsoft Azure fundamentals

DAUGHERTY, Paul R., and H. James WILSON 
Human + machine: reimagining work in the age of AI

Jay G. Sanjayan, Ali Nazari, Behzad Nematollahi 
3D Concrete Printing Technology: Construction and Building Applications

ROSS, Sheldon M.
Introduction to probability models

Foundations of chemical reaction network theory

C# in Depth. 4th ed.

Marczewska, K.
This is not a copy: writing at the iterative turn

Collins, B., Mees, I., & Carley, P.
Practical English phonetics and phonology: a resource book for students

Hogarth, M.
Writing feature articles : print, digital and online

Vodanovic, L. (Ed.)
Lifestyle journalism: social media, consumption and experience

Algorithms for optimization

MAMGAIN, Pradeep
Autodesk 3ds Max 2020: a detailed guide to modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering

Towards a code of ethics for artificial intelligence

Robot rules: regulating artificial intelligence

Kazuo KITAURA, ed.
The fragment molecular orbital method: practical applications to large molecular systems

FEDOROV, Dmitri and DONG, Xufeng, ed.
Smart and functional soft materials

Environmental risk assessment: a toxicological approach


2020 Sausis

RIMON, Elon and Joel BURDICK
The mechanics of robot grasping

Dong, G.
Exploiting the power of group differences: using patterns to solve data analysis problems

SHI, Zhongzhi.

Advanced artificial intelligence

Kadota, S.
Shadowing as a practice in second language acquisition: connecting inputs and outputs

BONAGUIDE, Gregory and Neil JARVIS.
The VNA applications handbook

Lindsey, G.
English after RP: standard British pronunciation today

Keller, K.L., & Swaminathan, V.
Strategic brand management: building, measuring, and managing brand equity

SARANGI, Saswat and Pankaj SHARMA.

Artificial intelligence: evolution, ethics and public policy

WATTS, Andrew.
Modern construction case studies: emerging innovation in building techniques

GOEL, Malti, M. SUDHAKAR and R. V. SHAHI, eds.
Carbon capture, storage, and utilization: a possible climate change solution for energy industry

Cyber security: comprehensive beginners guide to learn the basics and effective methods

PETROV, Oleksandr.
Database internals: a deep-dive into how distributed data systems work

COBELLI, Claudio and Ewart CARSON.

Introduction to modeling in physiology and medicine

Electrical installation design guide: calculations for electricians and designers

LINSLEY, Trever.
Electrical installation work: level 3. EAL ed.

Microclimate for cultural heritage: measurement, risk assessment, conservation, restoration, and maintenance of indoor and outdoor monuments


Pedersen, K., & Grimshaw-Aagaard, M.

The recording, mixing, and mastering reference handbook


YOCK, Paul G., ed.


Biodesign: the process of innovating medical technologies

MARR, Bernard and Matt WARD.

Artificial intelligence in practice: how 50 successful companies used artificial intelligence to solve problems

GHOCH, Swapan Kumar, and Pratim Kumar CHATTARAJ, eds.

Concepts and methods in modern theoretical chemistry: statistical mechanics.

ZHANG, Ning, et al.
Analytics and optimization for renewable energy integration

HUSSAIN, Chaudhery Mustansar and Rüstem KECILI.
Modern environmental analysis techniques for pollutants

MITRA, Somenath, Pradyot PATNAIK and Barbara B. KEBBEKUS.

Environmental chemical analysis

Macaro, E., Graham, S., & Woore, R.
Improving foreign language teaching: towards a research-based curriculum and pedagogy

Organic design in twentieth-century Nordic architecture

BATTISTO, Dina and Jakobus WILHELM, eds.
Architecture and health: guiding principles for practice

Architecture and the smart city


Logistics of facility location and allocation

TAYLOR, Don G., ed.
Logistics engineering handbook

Setter, J.
Your voice speaks volumes: it’s not what you say, but how you say it

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