Renginys „Third TRIPLE ThatCamp“ apie tvarumo ir atvirojo mokslo santykį

Svarbiausios | 2022-08-30

Organizuojamas trečiasis TRIPLE ThatCamp (The Humanities and Technology Camp) renginys ir diskusija apie tvarumo ir atvirojo mokslo santykį. 

Temos diskusijoms: 

  • How can the long-term quality of data be secured? 
  • What governance/business models are sustainable for Open Science? 
  • How do tools and services that have been developed within the life span of Open Science projects live on after? 
  • Do training sessions provide sustainability? 
  • How can we ensure sustainability in scholarly communication? 
  • Any other topic that crosses your mind! 

Data ir laikas: rugsėjo 13 d. (antradienis) | 1219 val.
VietaUniversity of Zadar, Croatia

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